Keep and Bear: The Movie (DVD)

Keep and Bear: The Movie (DVD)

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In 2014, Californian Darren Doane packed up everything and moved his family to Idaho. One thing he didn’t bring was a gun. That’s because he doesn’t own a gun. In fact, Darren and his wife Natalie have never handled a firearm.

Imagine their surprise when they arrived in Idaho only to discover that their new friends and neighbors were proud American gun owners, exerting their right to Keep and Bear.

This culture shock sent Darren and Natalie on a journey to investigate guns, gun ownership, and America’s most controversial right—the Second Amendment.

In this groundbreaking documentary, you’ll travel alongside Darren and his family as he learns about different firearms–from revolvers and pistols to shotguns and rifles. You’ll meet men and women from all walks of life who proudly defend their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms: and hear why they choose to do so.

Learn how AR-15’s are made in a special behind-the-scenes tour of a manufacturing center, and much more.

Do Darren and his wife decide to by a gun?
If so, which one will they chose?
You’ll discover answers to these questions and others such as:
Should citizens be allowed to own a gun in today’s times?
What did our founding fathers intend when they ratified the Second Amendment?
Why is the 2nd Amendment America’s most controversial right?