Alexandria Occasional-Cortex Golf Balls (6-pk)

Size: 1.7"
Quantity: 6 pcs
Sale price$36.95


She calls herself an outsider. We call her the queen of the cry-bullies. Whatever you call her, it didn't take her long to become just another entitled DC swmp-critter. 
AOC pushed her 'Green New Deal', as eco-policy. But her first COS said 'we really think of it as a how do you change the entire economy thing. You can't get much more revolutionary than that'. 
Trigger a lefty by putting her crazy eyes on display for proper ridicule, or by dropping her smug mug between your feet for putting practice.

.: Material: 100% surlyn
.: One size: 1.68" (4.3cm)
.: A pack of 6 golf balls
.: One design for the whole set

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