Trump Badboy vs. Snowflakes Sticker (Made in the USA)

Trump Badboy vs. Snowflakes Sticker (Made in the USA)

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Trump badboy is at it again! This time he's taking a leak on snowflakes! 

Why do we call certain people "snowflakes?" A snowflake is a slang term used to describe young adults of the 2010s who are more prone to take offense and less resilient than previous generations, or as being too emotionally vulnerable to cope with views that challenge their own. That's a nice way of putting it.

Specifically, snowflakes are spoiled brats who know nothing about what it means to be an independent American. They have chosen to be coddled by their parents and the government rather than make their own way in this dangerous world. They would rather use the government to take Constitutional rights away from law abiding citizens than punish evil doers. They call evil "good" and good "evil." They believe our rights end where their feelings begin.

This is a great way to pi$$ off all of the SNOWFLAKES you pass on the highway! They will definitely get their panties in a bunch, like usual! 

6" x 4.6" clear die cut sticker