DeSanta 'Let's Go Brandon' Christmas Wrapping Paper

Size: 24" × 36"
Sale price$15.95


We call the Governor of Florida "DeSanta" because he's such a giving guy.

First, DeSantis gave Floridians their freedom while President Brandon and his advisor The Fauch -- with his heart reportedly two sizes too small -- insisted that the entire country stay locked down. Everywhere except for the southern border, that is.

Then DeSantis gave the Open Borders Libs the gift of a few dozen sweet migrants to enrich their communities and for some reason, the Libs sent them away.  Ingrates. 

Get into that same giving spirit with this “DeSanta” wrapping paper.

All artwork is the property of Doug Giles. Any duplication or replication is prohibited without written permission.

While getting a gift is always a good thing, having a special or noteworthy wrap job is a big piece of the overall presentation. This wrapping features edge-to-edge printing. This wrapping paper features edge-to-edge printing on a premium gloss paper (90 GSM) for a smooth and clean look.

.: 90 gsm fine art paper
.: Available as one sheet (24" × 36")
.: Edge-to-edge one-sided print
.: Paper comes rolled-up
.: NB! White space at top and bottom edges with a bar and QR code

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