Fasch-y Fauci Golf Balls (6-pk)

Size: 1.7"
Quantity: 6 pcs
Sale price$36.95


How could a guy who's only three apples tall singlehandedly bring the juggernaut American economy to a standstill?
He taught Americans to be afraid. Authoritarians leveraged that fear to control us.
Worse, he coordinated with coporations to silence anyone not taken in by his fear campaign in the name of 'the science'... and made money hand over fist in the proscess. When Congress -- on behalf of the people -- tried to hold him to account? He scoffed at them.
He might never answer for his crimes on this side of eternity, but putting his ugly mug on a golf ball you can knock around makes far more sense than some kind of St. Fauci prayer candle.

.: Material: 100% surlyn
.: One size: 1.68" (4.3cm)
.: A pack of 6 golf balls
.: One design for the whole set

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