"Let's Go, Brandon!" by Brandon Vallorani

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“Let’s Go, Brandon!” chants and memes went viral in 2021. Why?

Americans are disgusted at how the Biden-Harris Administration botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan, terrified that they ignore the crisis at our southern border, frustrated over soaring gas prices, struggling to live with sky-high inflation, and angered that the Left wants to force us to get a medical experiment against our will.

In his latest book, author Brandon Vallorani chronicles the daily faux pas, fiascos, and failures of the Biden-Harris Administration during their first year. A chapter is dedicated to each month in 2021 and the chapters are broken down into daily sections. Brandon offers more than mere complaints, however. As a Christian and a Patriot he also offers hope. Hold on to your seats! This is one fast ride!

Paperback, 256 pages





• FOREWORD by Joe Visconti
• INTRODUCTION by Brandon Vallorani
• PROLOGUE – “Run, Joe, Run!”
• CHAPTER 1 – January 2021: America Gets the Shaft
• CHAPTER 2 – February 2021: America Last
• CHAPTER 3 – March 2021: The Gaffe Factory
• CHAPTER 4 – April 2021: A Democrat, Through and Through
• CHAPTER 5 – May 2021: The Worst President Since Carter
• CHAPTER 6 – June 2021: Runaway Inflation
• CHAPTER 7 – July 2021: Undermining the Constitution
• CHAPTER 8 – August 2021: The August Curse
• CHAPTER 9 – September 2021: Americans chant “F--k Joe Biden”
• CHAPTER 10 – October 2021: The “Let’s Go, Brandon!” Chant is Born
• CHAPTER 11 – November 2021: The Beginning of the End?
• CHAPTER 12 – December 2021: Even China Mocks Biden


“Congratulations to Brandon Vallorani for having the conviction, courage, and brilliance to step into the American Political Arena in the struggle to restore and enforce The Constitution of the United States of America!” – Joe Visconti, Emmy Award-Winning Producer, Political Activist (20 years), Former West Hartford Connecticut Republican Town Councilor (2007-2009), Candidate for Connecticut Governor (2014), and Commentator

“This is a must-read for Americans who want Republicans to take back the White House in 2024. Going day by day through Biden’s first year in office, Brandon calls the Biden-Harris Administration to account for their destructive policies and tyrannical executive orders. He doesn’t stop there, however. He also provides hope with the conservative solution!” – Mark Schaftlein, CEO of Conservative Broadcast Media & Journalism (OTC:CBMJ) and Host of The Schaftlein Report

“In his hard-hitting book, Brandon Vallorani chronicles the pathetic performance of the Biden regime’s first year in power. He also exposes the tyranny lurking behind every executive order from this puppet President.” – Steven Hotze, M.D., Founder, Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Founder, Conservative Republicans of Texas

“Joe Biden has been a tornadic, F5, presidential disaster to our great nation. He’s a joke of a president. A veritable qualem muleirculam. How anyone can still support this half-dead, carrier pigeon of Marxists’ ideals is beyond me. Brandon Vallorani’s new book, Let’s Go, Brandon!, righteously jackhammers number forty-six into oblivion. Vallorani’s fresh spicy tome should be air-dropped on every university campus. Thank you Brandon for writing this fire breathing expose of a man who’s full of more crap than a collicky baby’s diaper.” – Doug Giles, Artist & Best Selling Author

“Who better than Brandon Vallorani to reveal the drivers that gave birth to “Let’s Go, Brandon!” This book adeptly catalogues Biden’s daily screw-ups, Anti-America actions, and outright lies. You will gain clarity as to why “Let’s Go, Brandon!” gave voice to the frustration and anger Patriots across America share against the deceptive, destructive Globalist “Great Reset” Agenda that Biden and his leftist tyrant crones are trying to cram down our throats. Hang in there while Brandon Vallorani articulates Hope. Hope to act as citizens to preserve our Liberty and Hope in the Creator God our Founding Fathers trusted in as the foundation of our Declaration of Independence and our Liberty.” – Gregory Blume, Managing Partner of Stone Meadow Homes & Director of Liberty Center for God & Country

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