'Miss Me Yet' Trump Sticky Notes

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Do you miss him yet?

2021 has been brutal for the Biden Administration and the people of the United States. From a border crisis, to lumber prices, vehicle shortages, job shortages, worldwide geo political chaos, and last but not least...gas price increases. President Biden has pushed this country to a breaking point. It's just a matter of time before we have a 2007 economic collapse repeat.

If you watch videos on social media, you’ve seen folks saying things like “I could go for some mean tweets and cheap gas right about now”. Others are posting miss me yet stickers on gas pumps with a picture of President Trump.

Without further ado, we present the Miss Me Yet Sticky Notes. A perfect way to share your displeasure and anger with the current administration at the gas pump!

25 Custom Designed Sticky Notes per pad
Size: 4" W x 3" H

Places to stick your sticky’s!

1. Gas pumps
2. Food Stores, on food items, indicate the price of the item.
3. Gas Stations
4 Doctor’s Offices
5. Restrooms, on the toilet, sink, mirror, door, towel dispenser, etc.
6. Self Check Out Machines, right where the change comes out.
7. Hunting Clubs
8. Bars
9. Shopping carts, on the handle, baby seat, etc.
10. Bulletin Boards in stores
11. The Gym
12. Leave Fliers in empty shopping carts
13. Your Electric and Water Meters
14. Flea Markets
15. Resort Areas you visit
16 The “Mom and Pop” stores.
17. Your Computer, Bulletin Board, Desk, etc. at work! It will generate some questions.
18. ATM’s, where the money comes out.
19. Fast Food Drive, on the order screen.
20. Fast Food Restrooms, on the toilet, sink, mirror, door, towel dispenser, etc.
21. Car Washes
22. Laundromats

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