Nutty Nancy Golf Balls (6-pk)

Size: 1.7"
Quantity: 6 pcs
Sale price$36.95


Sure, she's not Speaker of the House anymore, but after all those years in office and the power she has in the Democratic Party, she still deserves a spot in our Goofball Collection.
Ripping up Trump's SOTU address.... Special-edition Impeachment pens.... An 'investment' record that would rival Warren Buffet. 
She shamelessly elevates the authoritarian agendas of billionaire backers above the interests of ordinary Americans... all with that smug look across her unnatural face.
Until we can 'driver' out of office, use these novelty balls to 'iron' out your frustrations with the devastating policies she so proudly shoved down our throats.

.: Material: 100% surlyn
.: One size: 1.68" (4.3cm)
.: A pack of 6 golf balls
.: One design for the whole set

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